What is Cassava?

Cassava is a shrubby, tropical, perennial plant that is not well known in the temperate zone. Cassava thrives better in poor soils than any other major food plant. As a result, fertilization is rarely necessary. Cassava is a heat-loving plant that requires a minimum temperature of 80 degrees F to grow. Since many cultivars are drought resistant, cassava can survive even during the dry season when the soil moisture is low, and humidity is high.

Around the world, cassava is a vital staple for about 500 million people. Cassava's starchy roots produce more food energy per unit of land than any other staple crop. Nutritionally, the cassava is comparable to potatoes, except that it has twice the fibre content and a higher level of potassium.

In Asia, cassava is used in a variety of food products, the same way potatoes are used in the U.S. They can be used as vegetables in dishes, grated to make pancakes, dried and ground into tapioca flour, or sliced and made into snack chips.

California Crunch Cassava Chips

Unlike our Asian neighbours, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, have a huge market for cassava as a snack compared to the Philippines. Our Company’s mission is to introduce Cassava as a healthy and delicious alternative to potato and flour based snacks. Here are other reasons why our Company developed California Crunch Cassava Chips:

• Cassava has twice the fibre and more potassium than potato
• California Crunch Cassava Chips has 30% less fat than potato chips.
• California Crunch Cassava Chips has 0 % cholesterol.
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